Sunday, November 22, 2009

Some oldies but goodies

I made this olive bread awhile back and it photographed better than it tasted. It was a beautiful loaf, made from a recipe from a breadmaker in France, using black olives and honey. It should have been good, but this was back in my beginner bread making days; when I didn't know how to critique a recipe. The inside of this bread was not cooked enough, and the purple color of the greek olives turned some of the dough inside a weird shade of purple. But it was a thing of beauty.

This is a shot of snow on the new buds of a Judas Tree in my front yard. It happened one spring when it snowed here in April, something that very rarely happens. The snow was gone by the afternoon.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

For a While...

For awhile, I will not have the ability to use my photoshop and photos and post on the internet. We have a new computer with Windows 7, but no modem to connect the laptop with the photos and the new computer with the internet! I just figured out how to burn some photos onto a disc and transfer them to the new computer/internet to share some older photos with you.  The purple flower is a Gladiator Allium. The bear is a black bear who raided my bird feeders one or two years ago. We took this photo out the kitchen window, so sorry if it is blurry. We really didn't want to get too close to our visitor. The blue flowers are irises. We used to have a large bed of these beautiful flowers. Alas, they are spent now, and no longer produce flowers. If I am not too lazy, I will have to pick and plant new bulbs this fall.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


This is a shot taken in the early morning at Cape Cod Canal, and the end, looking toward the ocean. The power plant is on your right.  I like looking at the textures of the calm water, the rocky New England shore and the hanging clouds.
The next shot is taken of textures/colors of the pier. Large oil tankers dock along the Canal and off load the oil.

This is a shot of beach rose and other sea plants along the Canal. The beach roses are a type of hardy rose that can tolerate the sun and the wind and the salt air near the ocean. Locals make a jelly out of the berries, tasting similar to cranberries, another native berry to the Cape Cod area.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Monotone Creatures

I know Gretal looks fierce here (maybe she has watched too much Tyra Banks on Next Top American Model) but she actually is just begging for a treat. Very vocally.

Here is Baron with his ears held back in Mercury position. He talks with his ears. This position means he is not sure how to react. He doesn't really like the camera. This is probably him right before he runs away from it.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

A Walk Remembered

We enjoy our walks in Webb Park. These shots were taken in September of this year. I enjoy looking at them on cold, rainy days like today, when I can't get out and take new shots. We loved the sky on that day, and the early fall colors of the beach and meadows.