Monday, December 21, 2009

The Holiday Punch

It is day four of "The Holiday Punch" as my local TV weathermen called  this weather event. This is the view from my front door the morning of the second day of the storm. All the snow has fallen off the trees: however, the two and three feet of snow on the road is still there.

And we are stuck in the house. Or to the driveway which took us 6 hours to dig out. The road committee we pay yearly dues to has not produced a plow in sight to get our whole neighborhood to a main road. What to do?

We did the obvious, use your imaginations. Thankfully, we have electricity and heat. And the internet, our cameras, our video, our dog, and our new Christmas toys: dual Blackberries. As virgin Blackberry users, we have loads of time to download and play with our new tools.We are a little sore in  muscles we had forgotten about but it was a good excuse to eat the Ben and Jerry ice cream in the refrigerator. I watched a neat silent movie on Netflix  instant movie on the internet called, " The Cat and the Canary", a haunted house movie from 1927. I wonder if they got snowed in then? I leave you with one more shot of the storm..

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