Saturday, June 12, 2010

Thoughts on why technology should disappear when Enjoying

When I used PC and Microsoft products, I was always aware of the technology or the DOS underneath the pretty Windows skin. I could fix a PC laptop and save it from death for at least two years. I can replace a broken screen, keyboard, hard drive, DVD drive, A drive (in the olden days), almost anything (hadn't tried a mother board yet). I knew almost all the fixes the tech guys in India knew, from all the time I have spent with them over these years.

But now, I am trying Apple products, and the need to know seems to be disappearing, allowing me to just ENJOY. Enjoy writing while listening to online radio, without worrying the computer will freeze even with a quad core processor. Enjoy using photo editing programs to their full potential. Reading web articles without all the extra Magoo (ads, sidebars) using Safari 5's new Reader (great item, you should try it). I like all my calendars, contacts and bookmarks to sync together. If I add an appointment to my iPhone, it appears on my MacBook.

Reading my Kindle on the big, gorgeous screens of the MacBook or the iPad, is a different reading experience. Perfect for cookbooks with beautiful photos of the cuisine, or for what I would call a Coffee Table book (the Kindle is perfect for a bedtime reader, or for taking outside, or to the beach).

Being able to not worry about the tech, not having my fingers ready to 'control-alt-delete' , makes my online experiences more relaxing, more flowing, more personal.

Thank you Apple.

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