Monday, October 26, 2009

Items around my house in Black and White

I had a nice cup of green tea this morning. I was trying to be able to capture the steam as it curled around in the shaft of sunlight and strips of shade but couldn't do it. I did enjoy how the reflection of the window blinds is mirrored on the cup, and how black and white shows the geometrical lines of the cup and the shadow of the tea bag.

This one was a little more creepy. This is the side of an antique peanut jar with Mr. Peanut in glass. It came from my husband's grandmother's house and dates from the 1920's. I find Mr. Peanut to look a little scary.
This is a shot of the end of a conch shell we found on the beach in NE when we first met in the 1980's. I love the texture of the shell, and was pleased how black and white show off the lines and shades of the shell.   Photography can be great therapy when you are under the weather!


  1. I love these photos, Mary. Especially the tea beaker. The light is lovely and I could almost taste the tea. Very soothing. Yes, the steam would have added something, but it's great and it is. For future reference, try blowing smoke into the sunshine to make air movement more visible - oh, silly me, you don't smoke! I'm sure there's some other way to make a bit of smoke. Joss-sticks perhaps?

    I thought Mr. Peanut was a whiskey logo before I read your caption.

  2. Hope you're feeling better soon. What a clever idea you had, going through the house and seeing your things in b&w. Very successful post.

  3. Hi! You left a comment on my blog and here I am checking you out! I have browsed back and like what I see, so I shall return. Especially like your b/w shots.

    ...and I love your profile photo...