Sunday, October 18, 2009


This shot is of the Tappan Zee bridge spanning the Hudson River. It is taken from inside the car, while I am driving (husband took the shot, I am not that crazy to drive and shoot at the same time) along the bridge, through the windshield. I am petrified of bridges.
Bridges are one of my fears. From when I was a little girl, I had a particular nightmare about a steep bridge over deep water, with no guard rail on the side, and the road being covered in ice and snow. The bridge seems like a ski slope in my dream, with the car struggling to get up it without falling over it.

Years later, I was with my boyfriend at the time (now the husband) going on a day trip in Rhode Island. We came to a steep looking bridge. Sure enough, it was the bridge of my nightmare. I was shocked and a little sweaty palmed. Here was my nightmare in real life. Of course it was summer, so it wasn't as frightening but still.

Speaking with my parents afterwards, I came to find out the bridge in RI was one they used to drive over with me when I was very young and we lived on the border between MA and RI. It must have frightened me as a child.

Most recently the Old Jamestown Bridge was demolished, so there goes the stuff of my dreams.

Jamestown bridge photo from Wikipedia original source not specified.

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  1. Love the first bridge shot. It works really well as a black and white. Cute little dog too.

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