Monday, October 12, 2009

Walking the Neighborhood Route

When my husband and I lived in Massachusetts, we developed what we called our 'Neighborhood Route': mostly around the Wollaston beach area, along the salt marsh and the ocean. We prefered the marsh side, because we are both birders, and enjoy seeing the salt water birds. Over the years we saw exotic birds such as the glossy ibis and the snowy egret, and our favorite sighting: the osprey with her young.

This shot was taken heading towards the parking lot on the marsh side, close to the new playground and across the creek from the marine gravesite. It was a beautiful morning, and my dog, Baron, was excited to be back on his old trail. He marked every bush he could find. You can see him straining to mark some more.

You can't see it in this shot, but behind my husband is an old apple tree with discarded apples littering the walkway. I don't know how old the apple tree is. I have always wondered if the creek area used to be an old farm. There is a nature walk you can take online at Sailors Home Cemetery Salt Marsh Trail

Let me know how I did with the grayscale conversion: I use RAW conversion in Photoshop and play with the colors!


  1. This looks great to me. It does remind me of the walk near Caddy Park . . . wow.

  2. The greyscale looks excellent - lovely picture, Mary.