Thursday, October 15, 2009

Poppy to brighten up the place

It is a dismal dank day around the eastern seaboard today. Misty, cool and the kind of weather to sleep in.

Most of us can't sleep in. Hi ho hi ho off to work we go. At least if we remember to take photos of all the gorgeous flowers in their gaudy summertime glory, we can have a little sunshine to look at on our desktop.

This is a shot of an Oriental poppy along side some purple salvia growing in my backyard. I planted the poppy seeds years ago, after I had some money left over at Walmart, and saw the poppy seed plant envelope. It was cheap, and I figured I would through the teensie seeds around the ground and see what nature did. It did, about two years later, much to my surprise.
This flower is huge. We only get about two poppy flowers a season. Hard to imagine such a extravagant bloom comes from a seed about the size of a head of a pin. You can see some of the seeds in the middle of the flower.

My gardens develop much like my brain: scattered, deep in places, bare in others, with shots of color to amaze me. I like to plant bulbs of all sorts all over the place, and see what comes up. I have thrown more than just an packet of one type of seed around the ground, but the poppy has been the most spectacular. A lot of my garden is overgrown. In the spring, I go on a plant hunt in my garden. I rake the leaves, pull up the weeds and see what little gems are hiding.

I don't know what kind of flower the little yellow ones are. I bought some bulbs from a friend who was selling them to raise money for her son's school. They come up every year.

The last shot is of some sort of wild daisy. I had nothing to do with this one. This is a gift from Mother Nature.

I hope I brightened up your gloomy day if you are having one.

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