Friday, October 16, 2009

New England Skies

Skies in New England in the early fall can be beautiful. This shot was taken at Webb Memorial Park in Weymouth, Massachusetts. I love the contrails of the airplanes streaking across the bright blue of the sky mirrored in the blue of the Atlantic Ocean below.

This memorial is on a slight hill at the park, with wonderful views of the ocean and the islands across the way. Commander Donald Haviland, Chief Engineer, was honored with this memorial, and a Merchant Marine Distinguished Service Medal for going above and beyond his duty for others. He was lost in the Arctic Ocean on duty.

We have been going to this park for years. And so have the locals. You are bound to encounter dog walkers (dogs must be on leash), and sprightly seniors strolling around the paths. There are gentle inclines and declines and scenic lookouts all throughout the park. Birding is great here too. This is where we saw our first Orchard Oriole. Photographic opportunities here are great: bring your wide angle and your long lens for the birds.

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