Sunday, October 11, 2009

Why I need your help

DR. Yankner, of Harvard Medical School, is doing extensive research in the aging brain. One of his most interesting finds is brains of people age 40-70 show different rates of aging. The genes responsible for memory and learning have higher rates of damage then other aging effects. Up until age 40, people tend to have the same rate of damage. Once middle age is reached, lifestyle may have an effect on the rate of continued damage.

Science has proven we lose brain mass with age. We lose neurons and the connections between them. However, recently scientists have discovered the brain can make new connections and new neurons later in life with brain use and with exercise. There are studies in animals and people showing a decrease in loss of brain function with increased use of the brain through new tasks and challenges.

Brain exercise. Sound silly? There are DVD's out now to train your brain. I could pay $500 to buy a series of exercises meant to improve my brain function at any age. What I decided to do was take up two hobbies, photography and writing, which will help me train my brain for free (well, almost free).

What I am hoping to do with my blog is gain readership, and more helpful: critics and teachers. I am an amateur writer, and amateur photographer. I would like to post a photo and receive imput on the exposure, composition, and anything else. For writing, start with this blog entry. Was I clear? Spelling mistakes? Composition? Were you bored? Smooth reading, or did something stop you in your tracks?

Learning photography and writing will help me expand my brain cells. Maybe I can help expand yours too.


  1. Let me be the first to welcome you to blogosphere! I don't know if I have turned around or slowed down the rate of cell damage in my brain but blogging has added some balance and joy to my life. I'm learning a lot about my community and my camera. I like your profile picture . . . very humorous. I'd say you are off to a good start. You might want to check the usage of loose or lose.

    What about joining the Community of Daily Photo Bloggers? You have to post a picture almost every day from your community.

  2. Thank you Slim for catching my loose problem! How do I join the Community of Daily Photo Bloggers?