Wednesday, October 14, 2009

This shot was taken at the Cape Cod Canal, in Sandwich, Massachusetts. The canal is the body of water visitors cross when going to visit Cape Cod.

The day was cool and cloudy, with the typical milky white sky of the Cape in the early morning. Later that day it was sunny and bright, but we like to get to the canal before all the boomer exercisers on their bikes and skates, and the Mommy brigade with the strollers gets there. We like to hang with the seabirds, tugboats and the fishermen.

The Canal is a great place to walk your dog (if you avoid the crowds during the day and the summer). They provide doggy bags for the dogs and public restrooms for the humans. You can walk the canal on both sides, there is a beach on one side with fishing and an RV area, and a walking trail with a power plant on the other (and fishing). The power plant side has an area for the big ships to park while offloading their oil for the plant. You may get to see a ship from far away like Greece, or South America.

We have seen a lost humpback whale at the canal, great blue herons, commorants, eiders, seals and bluefish along with tugboats and pleasure boats. Fishing is tough here because of the currents, and best left to the die hards but it is relaxing to watch them through their lines and wait patiently for a catch.

Take your camera with a wide angle lens, if you have one. Fall is beautiful on Cape Cod and not half as crowded as the summer.

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  1. Lovely photo. I really like that you can see a small seagull in the foreground.

    Julie Magers Soulen Photography
    Blog of Note